WINJELLA DADA - The Brian Fisher Story

My tribal name is Winjella Dada which means “roaming story” and my given name is Brian Fisher.  I was on the aboriginal settlement of Cherbourg in Queensland and lived with Wakka Wakka tribe. but I belong through my ancestry to the Kullalie Tribe.

Painting has always been my life.  I was taught at a very young age by my tribal elders, my uncles, who were also taught at a very young age.

I received an art grant from the Australian Art Bond at the age of 17.  At that time I had a number of exhibitions by myself and with my father, Jim Edwards.

I received a Queensland artist of the year 1988 NIDOC Award, working as a cultural officer at the time.

Painting the Dreamtime Stories is my Passion!!!
Brian Fisher

Winjella Dada

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